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Premium Blend Music 

"Settle for nothing less than Premium"

Premium Blend Music Team Biographies

Premium Blend Music is made up of some of the most talented upcoming musicians/vocalist in the industry. Performing and being inspired by many styles and genres of music ranging from classical to hip-hop, these musicians lend their musical gifts and talent to give their listeners a unique, musical experience. These musicians bring their individual uniqueness to form a Premium Blend!

Premium Blend Music has provided music accompaniment for many National recording artist as well as local artist seeking band accompaniment for shows. Some notable names are: Music Soulchild (NeoSoul), J. Holiday (R&B), Bobby Valentino (R&B), Lupe Fiasco (Hip-hop Rap), Glen Jones (R&B), Vivian Green (R&B), Dwele (R&B/Neo-soul), Christopher Williams (R&B), Kurtis Blow (Hip-hop Rap), Bilal (Neo-Soul), Jon B. (R&B), Eric Roberson (R&B/Neo-Soul), Chico DeBarge (R&B), Floacist/Floetry (Hip-Hop Rap), Rude Boys (R&B Group), Men at Large (R&B Group), Rome (R&B), Georgia Me (Spoken Word/Def Poet), and many more.

The Band

shown left/right: EL Coats, Shawn Bryant, Brian Smith, Dave Speed, Elmer Marchbanks

Mr. Eldridge "El" Coats - Music Director/Keyboards: The Main Ingredient of "Premium Blend" Eldridge AKA "EL"  

Mr. John Watson - Drummer: John is no rookie to the music industry. He has toured with various National Recording Artists both R&B and Gospel. John the elder statesmen of the crew, keeps the band grounded with his solid pocket.

Mr. Shawn "Tookie" Bryant

- Bass/Drummer: Shawn is a multi-talented musician who's energy keeps the band youthful and vibrant!

Mr. David Speed - Saxophone/Vocalist: ...Awesome Instrumentally and Vocally! Always requiring your ear's undivided attention!

Dorrell "Big Makk" Mays - Bass Guitarist: This native Chicagoan will GROOVE you to death.  His extensive experience in R&B and Gospel music has developed a unique sound/style. Whats that "Rumble" you feel in the hear/feel in the music???...oh its just a "Makk Attack!"

Ms. Danielle Carter - Vocalist: "Just one note from Ms. Carter's voice will make you stop whatever you're doing..." Truly a gift better RECEIVED than given!!!

Ms. Tiffany Bryant -

Vocalist: This "Super-Alto's" voice has a tone that is Uniquely Soulful! There is Nothing Ordinary about this Soul Sistah!